Net Price Calculator


Carson-Newman University understands that college cost is one of the deciding factors when making your college choice. Our Net Cost Calculator can estimate your out of pocket expenses for an academic year, and is intended to be used by full-time, first-year undergraduate students or students transferring into an undergraduate program full-time. The calculator is only an estimate for planning purposes only. It is intended to give you guidance on your possible merit and need-based aid only. You may be eligible for performance-based scholarships such as honors, music, debate, band, art, and fishing to name just a few. We also have athletic aid that could be a possibility too. Please understand that the results of this calculator are based on very limited parameters supplied by you and it is not intended to be an actual aid offer. For full consideration of financial aid offerings, you will need to be accepted into the university and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to be eligible for an actual aid offer.

Your FAFSA may be completed at Carson-Newman University’s school code is 003481

Should you have any questions concerning this calculator, please contact us at (800) 678-9061(865) 471-3247, or